Profiable Apps Project: How to find white spaces in list of lists?

TLDR: I am currently working on first project on identifying profitable apps and I am trying to find empty spaces within the data sets. What would be best way of identifying lists with white spaces ( such as ’ ’ ). I tried with " len(row) != len_android_header " approach. It does not work. Kindly help me understand where I am making a mistake.

Screen Link:

My Code:

#Open and read dataset and copy dataset as list of lists

opened_file = open('googleplaystore.csv', encoding="utf8")
read_file = reader(opened_file)
android = list(read_file)
android_header = android[0]
android = android[1:]

#Try to find rows with empty cells 

len_android_header = len(android_header)

for row in android:
    if len(row) != len_android_header:

What I expected to happen:
The android list (of lists) with index 10472 has empty spaces as pointed out in the discussion forum and in the solution as well. So, I wanted to use a FOR loop to check for lists of shorter length.

What actually happened:
The above code did not help because the list index 10472 shows empty elements as ’ ’ and it counts those empty spaces as elements within the list. Therefore, length of the list with index 10472 is same as length of android_header.

What would be the best approach to "Scan" list of lists to check for empty spaces within list of lists? Thank you so much!