Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets 4

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Sometimes, I am finding hard to understand the instructions and maybe this is the case but, at point one dataquest asks to :

Using a combination of narrative and code, explain the reader that the Google Play data set has duplicate entries. Print a few duplicate rows to confirm.

I do not understand if we have just to apply the function :

‘’’ play_unique =
play_duplicate =

for app in play_store:
name = app[0]
if name in play_unique:

print(‘Number of duplicate apps:’, len(play_duplicate))
print(‘Exemples of duplicate apps:’, play_duplicate[:10])

Or we should also Print a few duplicate rows to confirm. So like 2 or 3 rows where Instagram appears… If that’s the case, how to do that ?


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To print it code already given in the mission for Instagram

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