Profitable Apps project for the App store and google project

Kindly if you don’t mind me asking: this first project for the profitable apps project is assumed to be part of a portfolio you would wish to show case. For project to use Jupyter notebooks nd not utilize pandas would it still be a good portfolio to show case?

That’s an excellent question. And my answer is going to be one you probably expect but it’s extremely important.

Don’t think in terms of the quality of the portfolio to showcase. Think in terms of continuously adding/updating that portfolio to develop your confidence in building projects.

As per me, for most beginners, it’s less about actually using it to showcase a relatively basic or introductory project and more about helping them develop the confidence to continuously work on portfolio ready projects.

You are right, as you move onto more complex topics in DS, this project might be too basic to be appealing for a portfolio for a DS or Data Analytics job. So, think of it in terms of how your learning compounds over time and how far you come along on the projects you work on. That can be measured when you have such a portfolio to visualize that progress. Later on in the courses you will learn about GitHub and some things might become clearer as well.

Having said that, this could still be useful for a portfolio depending on certain situations. Maybe a learner is working at a company and wants to change their careers by moving into an analytics role inside the same company. Maybe they don’t know python.

Such a project could potentially be useful for that person to show to others inside their company what they have learned, what they could learn and they could get a headstart on changing their role within the company.

I have seen posts on reddit where people pointed out how they managed something like above - wanted to contribute to a different role at their company, learned some tools and tech to show they could handle it, and were fortunate enough to be supported by their company to contribute to that role.

But, yes, my personal viewpoint is that it’s less about where the project stands in terms of portfolio quality, and more about developing the habit of continuously developing your portfolio. The latter is often important to help build learner confidence. So focus on the latter.

Thank you very much for your response. Your message has been well noted.