Progress is not getting updated as I learn

Hello, everyone. The progress of my learning is not being updated. It’s stuck on 17% and my learning streak is not being updated, too. Anyone else facing this issue? Or is my account broken? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I just reported a similar issue where one lesson in particular wasn’t being updated at all even though all answers were submitted and accepted. When I reach the end of the lesson (business metrics) it shows that it has a tick and so is completed. But returning to the learning path, shows as partially complete. It is currently preventing me from completing fully that entire part.

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Hi @vishallbabu5 , @saturdaynightwrist ,

It seems to be an issue with the platform. Could both of you please report it to the Technical Support Team of Dataquest? Just click the ? button in the upper-right corner of the platform screen where you detected this issue, describe the problem, and click Report an Issue. Thanks!

Hi @Elena_Kosourova you closed my other thread but that was unrelated. Could you re open it? It was regarding if the daily streak resets or not, if you change career paths. It’s not a bug report, but a question.


I would be happy to help you to resolve that question but unfortunately I can’t do it technically: I just don’t have the necessary tools or authorization for it. Other people in the Community are just other students like you, so they can’t help you with that issue either, whether I re-open your thread or not. Your question was not about reporting a bug, but it was about reporting a technical issue with the platform (learn more here). The only people who can resolve your question are in Technical Support Team of Dataquest. The only way to contact them is as described in my post above (they don’t use this Community).

Your question isn’t bad, it’s just related to the Technical Support Team and not to this Community. People here, myself including, can’t help you with that question in any way.

Please let me know if your have any further questions.

Ok understood. I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience of switching between career paths with an active daily streak, and whether it reset their daily streak or not. :slight_smile:

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Done, @Elena_Kosourova. Reported the issue.

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Oh, about this I can assure you: of course, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue! :grinning: I mean, since it’s a technical issue with the platform, other learners certainly have the same problem. And the only way to resolve it is to contact the Technical Support Team, for them to take a look at it and fix it.