Project 1: display_table function not working


I am struggling to understand the code given to us for the function display_table as I get the following error after running this code:

def freq_table(dataset, index):
    table = {}
    total = 0
    for row in dataset:
        count_object = row[index]
        total += 1
        if count_object in table:
            table[count_object] += 1
            table[count_object] = 1
    table_percentages = {}
    for key in table:
        percentage = (table[key]/total)*100
        table_percentages[key] = percentage
    return table_percentages
def display_table(dataset, index):
    table = freq_table(dataset, index)
    table_display = []
    for key in table:
        key_val_as_tuple = (table[key], key)

    table_sorted = sorted(table_display, reverse = True)
    for entry in table_sorted:
        print(entry[1], ':', entry[0])


My output is then:

Hey Misha!

Happy to help here — just need a bit more context so I can understand what you were actually passing into the given function. Can you upload your .ipynb file to your response so I can take a closer look?


Hi Dustin

Sorry to have troubled - I realised that I needed to rerun a kernel each time I open a project file

Thank you

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