Project 2: No of Rows

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My Question: I used the function to get the row number as indicated in the kaggle discussion link pasted and i got the no of row to be 10473 while in the solution i saw 10472. When i deleted it the len was now 10841 while in the solution is 10840. So i went through the kaggle documentation again and i found out that my header row was inclusive that’s why mine is 10473 instead of 10472. Now, my question is am i in the right direction? How do i removed the header row to arrive at the same solution with Dataquest solution?

Hello @oriji.sandra,

from csv import reader
opened_file = open('googleplaystore.csv', encoding = "utf8")
read_file = reader(opened_file)
google = list(read_file)
google_header = google[0]
google = google[1:]

From the above code, I assigned only the header row to google_header and the remaining dataset to google. Now, google contains the dataset without the header.


Wow!, i missed that part. Thanks for pointing that out to me :+1:

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@oriji.sandra you’re welcome, Kindly mark it as a solution if it helps to resolve the issue.