Project Analyzing NYC High School Data


I am sharing my Guided project Analyzing NYC High School Data.
Any feedback are welcome!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Thanks in advanced!


Hello @dianamartinr85 thanks for sharing your work. I’ve carefully gone through the project and here is my review.

The presentation style looks great, it is well styled it makes thus making it easy to follow along what you are doing. So things to look at to make your analysis more detailed would be to add docstrings to your functions and add some explanation to the first few cells, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. The rest of the cells are okay.

Hello @info.victoromondi,

Thanks you very much for your review!! I will take into account your comments.

Best Regards!

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Hey, I hope you are well, the project introduction is great!, however, being the detail freak that I am I think that you could improve some of the visualizations and explore a bit with them. For example, in the first plot with correlation it looks a bit off because there is no zero line, similarly, you could use seaborn’s function despine to get rid of the cubicle like structure of most graphics and set names for the axes of all graphs.

You could even play with some of the styles that come with matplotlib using with options like ‘ggplot’ or ‘fivethirtyeight’ to improve aesthetic.

Other than those aesthetics improvements, the project is great.

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