Project "Chinook Record Store Analysis (SQL)"

Here is my guided project for the Chinook Record Database using SQL to run queries on the sales data. I had to look at the solution manual for the last query, but was able to do most of the rest without any major assistance. Let me know what you think.

Chinook Record SQL Project.ipynb (325.7 KB)

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Hi @david.vanheeswijk,

thanks for sharing with the community, well done on completing this guided project by yourself majorly :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:. I would recommend having a review on the Dataquest style guide which gives some tips on how to best organise projects by including project introduction, subheadings, and analysis conclusion, I have included the link here:

There is an example project provided within the post which helps show the style guides in use, please click here to view:

A minor suggestion would be to consider:

  • limiting select queries by using LIMIT SQL command particularly when the purpose is to preview the table data and familiarise with the table columns for instance, there were at least 614 rows in the invoice table and it took quite a bit of scroll to get to the next part of the analysis, don’t worry, I don’t mind, it was fun for me doing that :smiley:.

I really liked that you also considered the birth date during your analysis of the total sales per sales support agent and your recommendation for chinook to keep buying albums to avoid revenue decrease is a unique viewpoint, your recommendations were very nice.

Great effort once again, happy learning.