Project "Data Cleanup - Analysis of Employee Exit Surveys"

Hello everyone,

This is my third project that I am uploading to the forum. I would love any feedback that you may have!


Project Data Cleanup.ipynb (200.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @david.vanheeswijk, thanks for sharing!

What I liked about you project:

  • Good introduction and specific questions to be answered
  • Thorough explanation of every decision you make
  • Good interpretation of results
  • Conclusions

What can be improved:

  • You may want to include a summary of results at the beginning to help readers to quickly understand what they want to know
  • You have a lot of warnings (like SettingWithCopyWarning). Pay attention as they may cause problems! You may read more about SettingWithCopyWarning here.
  • You may want to improve your plots (like putting the categories in natural order (from New to Veteran). Also what about a title for each plot?

Happy coding:)


Thank you for the feedback. I agree with all of your assessments and will try to improve my plots to be more visually appealing with the relevant details such as title and all.

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