Project - Euro-USD rate around the time of 9/11 terrorist attacks

Hola Dataquest community,
Today I completed my Storytelling Data Visualization project. I found this project CAPTIVATING, as I finally got to do some less structured work and try to tell my own story. Over all I found this project much easier than the last couple, however, my end product is simple and more indicative of where I am in my data journey. I spent a LOT of time of stack overflow for pointers and tips. I like using Stack as a reference, it feels more like something I would do when I am in my data career. Please share any feedback, especially design elements. I don’t have much of an eye for design but think I put something together that doesn’t look TOO bad. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Casteel,

there is no jupyter notebook attached to your post. I think you can download the notebook from the dataquest app and then upload it to your post.
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