Project "Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data" Feedback

I have created my first project using the DataQuest learning environment. I believe I was able to accomplish many of the goals.

If anyone would like to give some advice on the description portions or any glaring mistakes that you see, please don’t hesitate to help out!


Basics.ipynb (93.7 KB)

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Hi David, welcome to the community! Congrats on completing your first project! :partying_face:

I didn’t see any glaring mistakes. You made some different choices in which rows to eliminate in your analysis, but I thought they were reasonable. I was confused about the clean-up you did on the unrepaired_damage column after cleaning the price and odometer columns. There wasn’t an explanation for why that was done and it wasn’t used later.

One thing you can work on, either in this project or a future one, is the writing part of the analysis. You’ve done some of this in your project and I think you did a good job on that. Try reading it like a document and see how it “flows” from one task to another to see where you can add more. Give it a good introduction to set the stage, explain what you’re doing and what you’re observing liberally, and wrap it up at the end. Headings can help break up the text to make it easier to read as well. This post has some links to some more in-depth guides that I think will help you hone this skill (I highly recommend the first one). You can also check out some other student projects – everybody has their own style with this, and you can pick up on things you may want to incorporate in future projects.

Thanks so much for sharing with us! Good luck on the next project! :grin:

Thank you so much for the feedback april.g! I am very new to doing these and definitely have a long way to go. I agree, after reading back on my work, that I need to improve in the “flow” of the paper. The article you attached has been very helpful.

Thanks again!