Project : Exploring Hacker News Posts : Review

Hi , i have just completed the project for Exploring Hacker News post , i have uploaded my source file on github and i would like it to be reviewed. i trying to practice oop and i would like some critics on my code.

This is my source code url :

My future plan on this project is to predict the average comment in the next 24hrs based on the data we have but i am still on my learning journey. Hope to have some critics. Thank you


hi @mdfarid.arshad

thank you for sharing your project with DataQuest Community!

The use of functions and plots do come out as refreshing additions to this project. :ok_hand:
You have added comments as well in code cells. :+1:

A few lines under each header could add more to the readability of the project.

Coming to the analysis, a few things I don’t understand:

  • why have you taken Ask and Show instead of ask hn and show hn?(apologies if the instructions said so!)

  • what would you do in case the dataset had different character cases for the same word.
    For example: Ask / ask / ASK etc.

  • seeing the results of plots and the count_by_hour dictionary, the maximum comments are shown by the time 15:00. This doesn’t match with the “Top 5 hours” result.

Hope to see and learn, more innovative projects from you! Keep them sharing!