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Hello DQ community!

Please provide general feedback on my latest guided project. I felt like this one provided less direct guidance, so I’m curious how I did.

Shoutout to @Elana_Kosourova - the post where you shared your example guided project was really helpful! (I borrowed some ideas with some changes.)

[Popular Data Science Questions on Stack Exchange.ipynb|attachment](upload://4EsTKG0IEWm3qBYDvi9ARu5Otrs.ipynb) (246.7 KB)
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think you forgot to attach your file…

Hi Adam

I reposted here with the project notebook included!

I tried putting it above, but wasn’t able to get the system to publish the notebook like it does on a new post.


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

  1. In 25: - you have a SettingWithCopyWarning
  2. In 27: - you should include
  3. In 45: - again SettingWithCopyWarning
  4. Maybe format that last markdown cell a touch nicer, add a heading , display that list as a list, use bold to point the most important info you want to tell
  5. I wouldn’t use so much commenting on code (eg. In 36: has almost 1:1 proportions). IMHO creating an empty dictionary or a list doesn’t require a comment , I’d say try doing 1 line of comment per 3, 5 or 10 lines of code
  6. remove double empty lines
  7. merge cells - if they don’t generate any output then you might as well merge them into 1 cell
  8. that plot at In 43: looks nice, I think if you’d stretch it out vertically the ytick labels would become more readable
    8.1. legend points are smaller than the points on the plot can you make them the same size? (it takes a bit of googling)

Hi Adam,

I really appreciate the feedback - I went and incorporated most of your recommendations. I also changed some of the final analysis for a stronger and more actionable conclusion.

Attaching the updated version, if you have more to recommend here I’d appreciate it!

Popular Data Science Questions on Stack Exchange.ipynb (320.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Also - I’m pretty sure the second settingwithcopywarning warning was a false alert, so I went ahead and ignored it. Anyone let me know if I’m wrong there!