Project Finding the Best Markets to Advertize in

Hi All,

All constructive feedback welcome ! my analysis and conclusion probably differ from most. Enjoy !

_Project Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In.ipynb (128.6 KB)

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Hello @gavinyv! Thanks for sharing:)

Overall your project looks nice, I liked your conclusions: they look professional and concise.

Here is some feedback:

  • Your title isn’t very informative: you can specify the business branch you’d like to work with.
  • Make sure you have no warning! These are not errors but may potentially cause problems to your data. You can read more about DtypeWarning here and about SettingwithCopyWarning here
  • In some cases your code is not uniform. Make sure you follow some Pythonic style guidelines like PEP-8
  • Your boxplot of “money spent per month” does not reveal much information, you can try to zoom in to identify further outliers.
  • Well done on testing if the data can be statistically significant by calcultaion the proportion of mode! It’s very important to udnerstand if our sample can be representative of the population and if it shifts to an extreme due to some outliers.

That’s all for me! Again: it’s a very nice and neat project.

Happy coding :smile:


Hi Artur,

Thanks for the feedback , it was very helpful.

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