Project : Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

This is my first project for review. I have focused on being clear and concise. All constructive criticism welcome.

Project Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings.ipynb (355.7 KB)


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Hi @gavinyv,

Good job on your first project submission. Your project is quite clear and concise as you intended. I also noticed all your plots had their appropriate titles and axis labels. Good job on that too. Your project looks good for a first submission but there are are a few things I’d make note of:

  • when viewing a dataframe, it’s better to use the df.head() function to view a subset of the dataframe and not the entire thing. This is to prevent unnecessary scrolling.

  • concise is good but try to be a little more explanatory in your documentations so as to carry the reader along more easily. It’s called story-telling for a reason.

  • I noticed an empty code cell at the very bottom of your notebook, below the conclusion, and the ninth code cell was also empty. You should remove both of them to make your project a little neater.

Overall, I like your project. It’s quite good for your first submission. Why don’t you submit your previous guided projects for review as well? I’m sure the feedback you receive for those projects would also help you in your journey to becoming a seasoned data analyst.

I look forward to seeing more submissions from you!


Hi @adewalade,

Thanks for the feedback . Valid points I will implement them in my next projects. I will revisit my earlier projects and post them once I have completed the course.