Project Review and Feedback: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

Feedback on narratives
Visualizations.ipynb (363.8 KB)

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Hi Paul. Another really solid project here. I really like how you set it up in your introduction that the purpose is to explore how the different graphs can help us analyze the data, and throughout the project explained how each step fits in with this goal. It really helps to bring it all together even with the wide variety of graphs.

By the way, you can get rid of the warning at cell 20 (with the groupby bar plot) by putting in 'Men', 'Women' as a list, like so:

recent_grads.groupby('Major_category')[['Men', 'Women']].sum()

I think this was a change in Pandas 1.0.0. You can check out the documentation for more info on it (the subsection that says “Selecting Columns from a Grouped DataFrame”).

Thanks for sharing your project with us!

Thanks a bunch for the encouragement and insight :slightly_smiling_face:… I’ll look it up