Project Review: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

[ebay_car_sales_data.ipynb|attachment](upload://4pNLTkrK44fV8ILc6kRataZAQ0Y.ipynb) (182.2 KB)

Hi all,

Attached is my version of the ebay car sales data project.
Comments and reviews are welcome.
Link to the last page

ebay_car_sales_data.ipynb (182.2 KB)


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Welcome to DQ community @gitudaniel

this is a delayed response. but better late than never. Now that we know how to use both markdown and code cells, now let’s focus on how to utilize each cell better.

we have a styling guide for reference that you can go through, and we can take one thing at a time from and learn it step by step.

for starters you can work on:

  • an appropriate title and intro for your project.

  • adding comments in you code cells summarizing what the code is like as below:

      # create dictionary with old column names and keys and new column names as values
      cols_dict = {'dateCrawled': 'date_crawled',
      'name': 'name',
      'seller': 'seller',......
  • provide a more readable conclusion, if necessary with a unit of measurement. As in for the current project, we can’t make what does 6146 really signifies here. Is it like 6000$ cheaper or 6000 times cheaper or 6000 cars are non-damaged and so on?

Hi @Rucha thank you for the review.

For the style guide this is what I found. Please let me know if you were refering to a different style guide.

I’ll be sure to incorporate your suggestions.

hey @gitudaniel

thanks for accepting the feedback. yup that’s the one! I am also learning one thing at a time from it. :slight_smile:

Hey @Rucha, I know its been a while.
I’ve made some revisions to the ebay car sales guided project and I’d appreciate some feedback.

exploring_ebay_data_project_revised.ipynb (78.6 KB)


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