Project Review - Star Wars Survey

Hey guys,

Here is my submission for the project - Star Wars Survey.
This project has been a great learning journey for me. I expanded my limits to learn new technologies such as plotly and used it as much as possible in the project.
The plots do get a little repetitive, but they all are analyzing different segments.
Please do give it a read. I would love for some constructive feedback and how you found the visualizations, were they appealing enough?

You can view the notebook here
Appreciate all the help and feedback.

Raj Tulluri

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Hi @Raj
I really enjoyed reading your project. It’s well written and it’s obvious that you put a lot of thoughts into organising everything, which makes it very easy to digest.
The plots used really helped in conveying the take home message and I’m definitely going to implement what you’ve done with the aesthetics in my future projects.


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Sunburst chart at the bottom did not do a lot for me. Waffles on the other hand are beautiful and intuitive!