Project Review - Top 500 Albums

Hi all.
I created this project after a friendly suggestion from one of the staff members to curb some burn-out.

It worked out that to complete this project I ended up using many of the techniques covered in each of the modules I’ve gone through. Currently I am at 50% completion of the DS track and this served as a great solidifier of competencies learned along the way. Feel free to take the dataset and work with it as it contains opportunities to cover:
plotting, groupby, regular expressions, markdown, complex indexing, lambda functions, list comprehensions, histograms, and more

Note: The formatting seems to have been destroyed by GitHub but the link to my repo is here:

The code for the scraper I built from this DQ Tutorial.
** If anyone knows how to automate scrolling using Selenium for an infinite load page, please share your docs :smiley:

The resulting CSV from the scrape with 500 rows of values.
(2.2 KB) album_download.csv (35.4 KB)

The analysis done on the Jupyter Notebook IDE.
album_analysis.ipynb (165.9 KB)

Hope you like and that this helps someone.