Project Review : Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees

Hi all,

Sharing my second visualization project.

I do confess that I did peek into the solution to figure out how to generate the column grid (6 x 3) subplots and did understand why it is done so. Also to keep up with the guided steps, I have copy-pasted the code multiple times instead of coding it all in a go.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

gender-gap-visualization.ipynb (923.1 KB)


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hey @menon.aj,

Nice work with data visualisations here! I hope you learned a lot.

Looking at the graphs, its not clear which color represents which gender. Maybe you can use some legend or something?

I was following the instructions in the guided project here, which says add text annotations to the plot, hence no legend. I have edited and added legend only to the topmost chart in each column so as to avoid cluttering the charts with repetitive legends. Please have a look and suggest if there is a better way to display the legends.

gender-gap-visualization.ipynb (908.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hey @menon.aj,

Thanks for making the changes. It does make it a little clear but I don’t think that the plots are super clear to me even now. For example, in the image below, although the legend says that blue line represents Women, it says Men directly above the line.


Also, I do not have a solution to making it better either. Maybe @Rucha or @april.g can help here?

Since the project intent is to try to follow some guidelines to reduce the data-ink ratio, I think it’s fine to not have the legend for the project.

I think the only issue is labeling the graphs incorrectly. (I looked at my finished project and I just saw I made the same mistake :flushed: :rofl: ) For the 2nd and 3rd columns, the top graphs need the Men and Women labels switched to match the color.

For aesthetics, if you wanted to spend more time on it, you could consider swapping the 2nd and 3rd columns, putting the shorter column in the middle so the whole thing looks symmetrical. You could also tweak the label placement. It’s a major pain to get it tweaked to look just right, but when reducing the amount of ink, those little details matter more.


Thanks @april.g. I have uploaded new file with the edits, tweaking the labels and yet still keeping the legends. Please have a look. :slight_smile:

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Also @april.g @nityesh, could you please have a look at my other visualization project. Eagerly waiting for your feedback.