Project share: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi guys!
Here is my upload of project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.
All feedback and tips for me are appreciated!
Thanks for your time!

Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (297.4 KB)

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Hi @dominikzalewski97

What a great project! on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit Surveys. Your introduction, information background of the datasets, the aim/objectives, the use of comments are so awesome. You have like answered all the steps and the explanations given are well detailed and presented. I love the way you have organized your conclusion, it looks really good, thumbs up buddy for the good work. Honestly, your entire submission is just great and I had fun going through your work. Just a suggestion, kindly recheck some of the code lines like in cell[24], the box plot was never displayed in the output.
Otherwise congratulations for the good work and good presentation.
Happy learning!

Thanks for reading my whole project @brayanopiyo18!
I will check it again these cells with plots, thanks for tip!

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