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Project - Storytelling Data Visualisation on Exchange Rates

Hi everyone, :exploding_head:

Here is my project on creating a data visualisation on exchange rates. I specifically tried to look at the Euro-Dollar exchange rate since the pandemic started.

I’m not the best at creating visualisations (it’s quite a basic chart, I definitely will have to come back and work on it again :nerd_face:) in a way that follows all the Gestalt Principles, but I would love any form of feedback!

Also, is there any easier way than estimating the x and y coordinates when formatting the axis, titles, subtitles? All the previous lessons had already had the correct coordinates for the placement of the axis, titles, subtitles, etc.


Guided Project - Storytelling Data Visualisation on Exchange Rates.ipynb (131.8 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

@h.mojid72 great work on completing the project :smiley: :+1:. A few pointers from me

Presentation Style
  • Include a conclusion section which summarizes your plot. It will help the reader and provide more context to your plot.
  • Add a link to where the reader can access the dataset. You should be able to get it from the DQ exercise that introduces this guided project.
  • It would be a good idea if you can give the user some idea of what a rolling mean is. This shows that you know what it is and also helps the user understand what it is and its impact on your plot.
Coding Style
  • A suggestion here is to use the simple present tense for the verbs in the comments. I noticed that DQ does it. I’ve taken to doing the same.
  • The signature in your plot has a copyright attested to Dataquest. I believe that it should be changed to your name as this is your work.
  • In the future when you plan to enhance your plot, you could highlight how the values have changed over the years based on the average over all those years. Just a suggestion.

Hope my comments are helpful. Great work and keep the ball :basketball: rolling.

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