Python Data Analysis Basics - Step 2 (Instruction 5.) (Slight Improvement)


Hi Dataquest team, should Step 2 (Instruction 5.) in Python Data Analysis Basics course be reworded to… If the age is not greater/greater than or equal to 20. Because if I use the same code in Step 3, it will not show as completed work. I had to modify the code from (if row > 20) to (if row >= 20). Thanks for checking.

Hello @epiplus1, welcome to the community!

I don’t think I understand your question. Why would use the same code in step 2 and 3?

Hello @epiplus1:

I am not sure with your question, however, as per my understanding we will not use the same code for step 3 and step 5.

Would you mind in elaborating your question in detail please?