Python for Data Science: Fundamentals (Functions:Fundamentals 12. Debugging Functions)

Hello! Try to follow me here…

Got a conflict between how the instructions tell you to fix the debugging error but doesn’t clearly explain why to convert the element to a float(element) vs. converting the element to int(element)…unsure of the definition of this specific error…

debugging error fixed when converting to float…

Debugging error not fixed when converting element to an int and the value error is not defined in previous instructions so why even propose that as an option to fix the code?

This value error isn’t clear to me…?

Not sure if this level of detail makes sense or if this has been brought up but just trying to understand the logic here so any help would be much much appreciated thanks!

better understanding of the flow…


Can you please send me the code you have used for this mission screen?

I assume that you are using for row in data_set: instead of for row in data_set[1:]: in the extract function definition.


Hi I have a question about one of the debugging exercises. In the Arguments, Paramaters, and Debugging section, 7. Debugging Functions -
Screenshot from 2022-06-05 00-35-10

this is telling me there is a problem on line 21, but the actual problem is up on line 13…
Screenshot from 2022-06-05 00-35-36

Can anyone please explain to me how this debugging error would point me to find the “correct” error? Thanks.