Python fundamentals practice problem: dictionaries - laptop purchase (alternative solution acceptable?)

Hi! I completed the laptop purchases practice problem for the dictionaries mission using a different code from the suggested answer. The output I got is the same, but I am just wondering if it is logically sound and therefore an appropriate alternative to the suggested code.

from csv import reader
file = open("laptops.csv")
file_reader = reader(file)
rows = list(file_reader)[1:]

price_to_name = {}
for row in rows:
    price = int(row[2])
    name = row[1]
    if price in price_to_name:
        price_to_name[price] = [name]
for price in price_to_name:
    print(price, ":", price_to_name[price])

laptop1 = None
laptop2 = None

for price1 in price_to_name:
    for price2 in price_to_name:
        if price1 == 5000 - price2:
            print(price1, price2)
laptop1 = price_to_name[2500][0]
laptop2 = price_to_name[2500][1]
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