Python Fundamentals Practice Problems: Laptop Purchase - Alternative project

I have a few questions related to the alternative mission I invented in Practice Mode :smiley:

It took two days to write it. I learned a lot in this time. ( More story inside my code).

My main one is: why in output I see dollars fonts after the name of laptops ?
Second: what could be written simpler?

Practice problems: Dictionaries Mission Practice Problems: proble n. 12 (“Laptop Purchase”)

My output:

My whole code below:

# So, I spontaneously decided to make a project from this exercise. 
#The reason was: I'm the person who likes the best gear, hardware. 
#So, the idea was to find the most expensive laptop for me and the cheapest one: 
#for my cat ( she likes to see birds on youtube ). 
#Laptop for my cat should only be able to handle youtube. 
#After 2 days of thinking around it, finally I made it. 
#There are some flaws ( I hope the community will help me with them - I'm just beginner)

from csv import reader
opened_file = open('laptops.csv')
read_file = reader(opened_file)
list_file = list(read_file)
list_head = list_file[:1]
laptops = list_file[1:]
# print(laptops[:][1])
price_to_name = {}

for row in laptops:
    price = int(row[2])
    label = row[1]
    if price in price_to_name:
        price_to_name[price] += label
        price_to_name[price] = label

# To find the most expensive laptop I decided to create two lists 
#( for the most expensive with decreasing prices and for the less expensive - opposite).

minimum = 0
maximum_list = []
minimum_list = []

for x in price_to_name:
    # The most expensive laptop:
    if x < 5000 and x > 3500:
        maximum = x
# Test: maximum_list -> Output:

# print('maximum_list =', maximum_list) 
# I don't know why it printed only 3 values, I have some assumptions only 
#( I noticed that this version of code enhances the speed of computing). 
#Anyway, I assumed that it will print all of them in reversed mode. 
#Despite that error, I have enough data to continue.

# "The cheapest laptop" part:
for x in price_to_name:
    if x > 0  and x < 1900 and x > minimum:  
        minimum = x
# Test: minimum_list -> Output        
# print("\n")       
# print('minimum_list =', minimum_list)

# Now I need to compare both lists and compute: what's the best offer:

laptop1_price_key = None
laptop2_price_key = None    

# My first assumption is that I can spend all money: 5000 $, but, I can't. 
#Output is: "None" - so it's impossible to spend all the money. 
#Because of that I included this as a variable in the code: a special printed message.

for value_x in maximum_list:
    x = value_x
    for value_y in minimum_list:
        y = value_y
        best_offer = 5000  
        if (x + y == best_offer) and (x != y) and (x and y != None):
            laptop1_price_key = x
            laptop2_price_key = y    
            #below build filter that is searching for any answer where I can get one premium laptop for me 
            #and one crappy one( for my cat):
            for i in range(5000, -1, -1):
                if (laptop1_price_key or laptop2_price_key) == None and (x + y == i) and x != y:
                    best_offer = i
                    laptop1_price_key = x
                    laptop2_price_key = y
                    if (laptop1_price_key and laptop2_price_key) != None:

print("Sorry, but it is not possible to find two laptops which will cost 5000$ in total (where one is fine, and one, not so much). The best available solution ( 'one premium laptop for you and one crappy one, for the cat' ) is:")


for laptop_for_me in price_to_name:
    laptop_for_me = laptop1_price_key
    laptop1 = price_to_name[laptop_for_me]
for laptop_for_cat in price_to_name:
    laptop_for_cat = laptop2_price_key
    laptop2 = price_to_name[laptop_for_cat]
# print("laptop1 =", laptop1)
# print("laptop2 =", laptop2)

print("laptop1 =", price_to_name[laptop_for_me], "$")
print('laptop2 =', price_to_name[laptop_for_cat], "$")
print("To be more specyfic, you should take:")

print(price_to_name[laptop_for_me], "@", laptop_for_me, '$', "- for yourself.")
print("And for the cat (for watching birds on Youtube):", price_to_name[laptop_for_cat], "@", laptop_for_cat, "$", "- will be fine enough.")

total = 5000 - laptop_for_me - laptop_for_cat
how_many_percent_you_loose = (total * 100) / 5000

print("on this transaction you loose only:", total, '$')
print("it's only", how_many_percent_you_loose, "% from your voucher")

ps. this story is based on facts:


This code is producing this output, because you are asking to put a “$” after the name of the laptop.

My solution was for the problem:

from csv import reader
f =open(“laptops.csv”)
data = list(reader(f))
data = data[1:]
price_to_name = {}

for row in data:
price = int(row[2])
name = row[1]
if price not in price_to_name:
price_to_name[price] = [name]
laptop1 = None
laptop2 = None
prices =
for price1 in price_to_name:
for price2 in price_to_name:
if price1+price2 == 5000 :
laptop1 = price_to_name[price1]
laptop2 = price_to_name[price2]
laptop1 = laptop1[0]
laptop2 = laptop2[1]

If you find it useful, please mark my answer as solution.


yes…indeed… It was middle of the night… now it’s obvious… Thank you:)

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Hi folks,
Here is my solution. Very similar to the one from last answer. Hopefully it is helpful to you.
Please give me advice if you have any better idea. Thanks.

Nice! I prefer doing it this way