Python Guided Project Exploring Hacker News (Ch)

Hi, Just completed my 3rd guided project. I would appreciate any feedback or recommendations.

Python Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts — Next Steps | Dataquest

Guided Project - Exploring Hacker News Post (CH) (1).ipynb (59.2 KB)

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@Casandra_Hayward ,
Amazing to see your journey progress with the confidence that comes with it.
Very good code commenting and cleaning process.

  1. Your introduction appears a bit long with 2 very close repetitive areas; Goals and Ask questions. Some professional advice hold the notion that introduction should be concise and direct so as not to create an impression of a long project.
  2. It is a good practice to rerun all your cells after completing a project. This restarts the cells in your jupyter notebook from In [1]:
  3. You may want to always import all modules required for a project at the beginning of the project as this keeps your codes organized.
  4. Adding 1-3 visualizations in your project would enhance understanding and present you in a professional manner as this is a vital section of data analysis.
    In all, I commend you for your efforts and hope to read/view more of your projects. Well done.
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Thank you for your feedback!

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