Python in DB and Jupyter Notebook

Anyone know why I am seeing a difference between both screens?

Thank you!

You mean a difference when computing the “avg_rating_free”? price and rating are taken from different columns when comparing both screen captures

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Hi there,

Thanks for your response. If you look at the assignment, both screens are suppose to show the solution. The element numbers are different in Jupiter, not sure why, but they should be the same columns. I printed the columns on Jupiter for you to see. Response is 0.0 to the average, but it shouldn’t. On Dataquest, I actually get an actual number, where as in Jupiter I’m getting 0.0.

Hi @ed.c.torr, welcome to the community!

On the Jupyter screen, the rating and price is pointing to the wrong index. The rating is at row[8] and the price is at row[5].

As far as why the element numbers are different, it depends on where you acquired the dataset. The one you can download from the DQ platform doesn’t have the extra blank column at the beginning, which you can see from the column list in the Jupyter side of the screenshot.