Python Intro, Topic 2, Mission 2

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Your Code:

a_value = 15
a_result = (25-7)*17
print(a_result + 12)
print(a_value + a_result)```

What I expected to happen: No error

What actually happened: 

TypeErrorTraceback (most recent call last)
in ()
1 a_value = 15
2 a_result = (25-7)*17
----> 3 print(a_value)
4 print(a_result + 12)
5 print(a_value + a_result)

TypeError: ‘int’ object is not callable

Other details: Instructions were as follows:

Store the value 15 in a variable named a_value.
Store the result of (25 - 7) * 17 to a variable named a_result.
Using the print() command, display the following:
The value stored in the a_value variable.
The result of adding 12 to the variable a_result.
The result of adding a_value to a_result.

What simple thing am I missing here? Why am I getting an error? Based on the mini-lesson everything looks good.

Hi @jamescunningham9,
You can take look at this post

Thanks, much appreciated.

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