QQ on the dataset for Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Hello. Is there a way to download the ‘dirtied’ dataset for this guided project?

The link to the scraped dataset is provided there -

The dataset was originally scraped and uploaded to Kaggle.

The Kaggle link has the original, unmodified dataset.


Thank you for this!

I was about to say that I found it in the zipped file when I downloaded the Jupyter notebook that I had worked on earlier. Reason why I’m doing this is because I want to work on it on Colab.

It doesn’t seem to be working now is there any other link to get the data?

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Hmm… looks like the person who posted it deleted their Kaggle account. There might be copies somewhere if you were to google for it or search on GitHub.

@Sahil DQ might have to update the link to the original source since its been removed. Or if there is an unmodified copy of the original, you/DQ can reupload it to Kaggle to still be relevant.


Hi @the_doctor

Thank you for letting us know. Here is an alternate link to the dataset:

I will get it logged for correction.



This issue has been fixed :tada:

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Hi, I am not finding the dataset for this project " Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sales Data".
The link provided has no data set and has the below error

Hi @grachana532,

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As it’s said on the 1st mission screen of that project:

The original dataset isn’t available on Kaggle anymore, but you can find it here.

However, you don’t need to use the link above anyway. What you need is to download a modified version of the dataset. You can do it selecting the Download button in in the upper right corner of that mission screen. Otherwise, I can share it with you:
autos.zip (2.3 MB)


Got it. Thanks Elena :slight_smile:

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