Query on sequence of DS course - can I skip data viz. under step 2 for now?

A simple query. I am on path of DS with Python. Currently about to finish intermediate python under step ( there are 9 steps). Step 2 has 1 panda related and 2 data viz courses. Can i jump from panda to data cleaning courses under Step 3, and come back to data viz later, once I understand python better ? Or should i follow DQ suggested sequence?

I would recommend going through the suggested order if you are a beginner at all/most of these topics. It is possible that some of the concepts in Step 3 might rely on concepts covered in Step 2. So, skipping some sections might leave you more confused later.

Steps 1 to 3 are entirely Python-based and you will keep working with and learning the language through all of those Missions (and then again in some later Steps). So, you don’t have to jump through any of the Missions to understand the language better.

If you are struggling with the language so far, then best to go through the content you have already covered again, and work on the practice problem sections as well.

But it’s likely better to follow the path as laid out.