Question about monotype fonts for IDE

Hi all!
What monospace fonts do you use in IDE like Eclipse or Spyder4?
Which monospace fonts do you think are the most comfortable for our the eyes?
I work with resolution 1,920 x 1,200 in 24" monitor with standard Monospace 10 pt XFCE 4.12 , but last time eyes begin to tire.

I am using SF Mono on my terminal and vi (or vim editor).

SF Mono can be downloaded from the Fonts for Apple Platforms page.

Search for fonts:

Search for the mono font via google font

Mono fonts:

Other Fonts:


@alvinctk, thank you very much for yours advice.
In near time I will be experiments with this fonts.
Besides some people recommend Consolas, Hacker.
How define optimal for me fonts - write about it.