Question of TabError

Hi Dear All,
This error has happened to my code even I cleared and retyped with tab.
Does any body knows the reason it could happen?

Hi @g.ymsiliusu:

Please attach the mission link and your formatted code as per these guidelines so we know the particular mission you are referring to. Thanks!

Using Backspace then Enter on lines 10 and 12 should do the trick. However, please paste your code here if it fails to work for further troubleshooting.

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Thank you to your reply.
I tried what you suggested. It worked. I wonder why and what happened to my code even they look exactly the same.

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@g.ymsiliusu sometimes you may have an extra space or used spaces instead of tabs.

By doing this IDLE or any other IDE with python supports helps you to automatically format it. Hope it helps!

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