Question on Challenge: Working with the reddit API screen 4- Getting Post Comments

i am just curious why no parameters are needed for the get request in the Challenge: Working With The Reddit API? The instructions say we are pulling the comments for 1 day, but I don’t see anything in the endpoint documentation or in the get request specifying any time. Just curious- thanks!

hi @travisbpierce,

Could you provide us with the link? :slight_smile:

sure, sorry about that, here is the link:

The instructions say " Get all of the comments on the /r/python subreddit’s top post from the past day."

The API call is this: “response = requests.get(‘’, headers=header)”
I was just curious how we would know the responses were from the past day with no params. Thanks!

Hi @travisbpierce,

The endpoint looks like input to me!

“you can retrieve the comments on it using the /r/{subreddit}/comments/{article} endpoint.”

Can you see where the input is now? :slight_smile:

PS: The input is of course saved, otherwise answer checking was not possible. This post is not from yesterday.