Question on GitHub


I’m about to finish the first Guided Project on the Data Engineering path.

I want to showcase my Python code, and I heard that GitHub is a good place to start doing that.

Question is, how to do that? How to publish my code there. And is it the right platform?

Any advice is appreciated.


Hi @friendl74:

There are several Youtube courses online on publishing to Github. Simply create a new repository (initialise it with a file to describe your project) and add the files as described in this article and here.

The .md refers to markdown files, which you maybe familiar with when doing projects in Dataquest and formatting code when asking questions in the community. Here is a markdown cheatsheet which I found really helpful.

You can also learn to use the Command Line Interface to do the administration (git push, pull, merge etc.) but I think for a beginner you can make use of the GUI to get started (being more straightforward to use) and then you can subsequently install git bash if you are on Windows and learn to use the CLI. Here’s my github profile if you want to see a sample of a few repos. I also attached a few videos below that you may find useful (which involve the use of the CLI).


Thank you for the information.