Questions need better phrasing

I feel there’s a lot to be desired in how some of the questions are phrased. It’s really hard to understand what is being asked. For example, in the following question I don’t understand what the ask really is. Proportion of what? Do understand that we are learning a new skill set and the idea should not be to make it tough for a newbie or deter people from continuing with the course. There are other questions as well that I can cite from.

Write a SQL statement that computes the proportion (as a float value) of rows that contain above average values for the ShareWomen .

The results should only return the proportion, aliased as proportion_abv_avg , like so:

Was there any specific problem understanding that instruction?

You mention

Proportion of what?

But it says

Proportion of rows

based on the condition

that contain above average values for the ShareWomen .

Which implies that they are asking for -

(number of rows that contain above average values for the `ShareWomen`)/ (total number of rows)

So, ShareWomen has an average value. You find the number of rows where the value is higher than the average value. You then find the proportion.

If you could point out what confused you about this that you weren’t able to break it down, you can provide that feedback to Dataquest through the Contact Us button (top-right side of this page). And they can look into updating it accordingly.

I do completely understand difficulty in learning something new and challenging, and lack of clarity can have an affect on that. As purely personal opinion on this, I would also recommend getting slightly comfortable with ambiguity if and when you face it. Because I have observed a lot of students end up getting comfortable with instructions being provided to them that it can sometimes impact problem-solving later on. But just my opinion, of course. Feel free to provide your feedback directly to Dataquest as I mentioned above. Do try to provide some additional details on why you think the phrasing wasn’t good enough to help you move forward. That can help them improve it accordingly.