Questions with Basemap library

How am I possible to know the exact latitude and longitude attributes ( llcrnrlat, urcrnlat, llcrnrlon, urcrnrlon) of the Basemap for a particular location? For example, instead of hardcode or remember exactly these four attributes for New York City, does anywhere, something like GoogleMap, provide this piece of information when I search for an address? I attached the related Dataquest mission for the reference. Thank you.

Much appreciated if you could kindly provide the url link to the DQ mission in order for others in the community to reference. Thanks!

Here is a website that does what you are asking for. The website is

The google search keyword is “geolocation coordinates finder”.

I am going to reassign the category Dataquest Platform to Python since this a python related mission and not DQ platform specific.

Also possible to search in Google Maps. See the link below. › maps › answer

You can search for a place using its latitude and longitude GPS coordinates . You can also find the coordinates of a place you’ve already found on Google Maps.

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Excellent! Thank you!

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