R Beginner: COVID 19

I installed R Studio but I don’t know what to do next. I want to attempt the guided COVID-19 but I am still unclear of how to use the software R

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Hello @codezena. Did you complete the earlier mission on installing RStudio?


Yes, I did. For the starting a new project in R Studio they are asking for a directory and I dont understand.

The directory is basically a folder where you will save all of the files associated with your project. I highly recommend projects because you can keep all files associated with your analysis in one place. Here’s the process to set up a new project:

Create a project in a new directory (i.e. new folder):

Then seleect new project:

Give your project a name. “Create project as a subdirectory of:” is showing you where the folder will live on your computer. If you approve of the location select “Create Project”, if you do not, select “Browse” and choose the location on your computer where you want this project folder to live.

In this case, I approve of the subdirectory where this new project lives, so I select “Create Project”.

Now, in RStudio I see that there is an R Project file called “my_new_project.Rproj”. And in my computer’s file navigator I see that there is a folder on my hard drive called “my_new_project”.

Now, I can drag and drop any datasets I need into this folder, which will make it easier to load them into R.

Does this help? Please let me know of any other questions you have. Thanks!