Range() function used before formal introduction?


The solution to the mission exercise in the link below references a range() function:
mission link

The problem here is that I’m 95% sure that this range() function is not introduced anywhere in any of the prior courses (can’t be 100% sure without a powerful content search functionality :blush:)

This issue might be fixed by either changing the solution to not include this unintroduced function, or to introduce the function in prior course content.

Any replies from the DQ team would be appreciated !


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Hi @mv4437,

Yes, I think when we rewrote the python courses, the range() function was missed. I will get this issue logged.


thank you for the observation, i was about asking on this.

@mv4437 @AjeleOluwaseunOlawal: Perhaps you guys could check out the W3 Schools or the Official Python Documentation for more information about its usage first while Dataquest creates a tutorial on that.

Hope this helps!

sure, it does. Thank you