Rapid Sales Report! Power BI Guided Project 1

Here’s my first Power BI Guided Project!! Whoo-hoo! :partying_face:

I am particularly excited because I think getting this cert and the Tableau cert will let me start earning some $ ASAP. Then I can continue developing my Python and ML skills. What do you think?

There’s not much to this report. I was able to customize it some so it looks OK. Here are some points:

  • I wasn’t able to center the text in the table blocks, I just had to shrink the box to fit. I would like to be able to center justify the entire table in the box.
  • I found the option for responsive but it wasn’t available for selection. Any ideas on why? So I made the pdf in landscape and portrait.

GP 1 Sales Report landscape.pdf (461.0 KB)
GP 1 Sales Report portrait.pdf (451.8 KB)

Thanks for any input. :smiling_face:


That sounds great. Most data professionals usually focus on a programming language (Python and/or R etc), SQL and a BI tool (Power BI etc).

There are so many ways to upload a photo.

  • If available in your machine:
    • Just drag and drop the photo in the text area
    • Click the upload button (Screenshot from 2022-06-09 18-00-18) available in the text area
  • If photo is available online
    • use markdown or html code
      • Markdown ![Alt](IMG_URL)
      • Html: <img src="IMG_URL" alt="YOUR ALT">

Amazing job you’ve done here.

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The upload links in the OP are from using the upload button when I wrote it. I was surprised they didn’t put the image in the published post. Let’s see if drag-and-drop works. I never think of it because it just seems too easy…

Works great. :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks Victoro!

@brucemcminn good job with the data visualization :+1: :dizzy:. I have a couple of pointers though, Hopefully they are helpful.

  • I would recommend the inclusion of a slicer visual for Country with a searchable drop-down. That way, besides seeing this for all countries, you could see it for individual countries and the map could reflect the same.
Visuals 1 and 2 - Category Sales by Year, Net Profit by segment
  • I think it would look good aesthetically, if you had the columns in the order Category, Total Sales, Year. The same applies to visual 2; have segment first followed by Net Profit
  • I believe the year is currently the sum of the years of all dates or the sum of the epochs. You should consider grouping by the year and showing the sum.
  • The summary row does not have any real meaning because of the total of year, you can remove the same. I would recommend the same for visual 2.

I am also learning the course related to Power BI. As Victoromondi mentioned, we need all three tools in this business. That being said, if you know Python relatively well, it helps quite a bit with Power BI.

I recently worked on a project and realized that I did not have the necessary DAX knowledge to get my visualizations. I then used a Python script to generate a CSV. Pretty helpful!

Anyway, hope to see more of your work soon!


Thanks, those are great points. TBH, I’m really struggling with the GUI. (I tried to put the jpeg in this reply but it will only let me put images in replies to the main post)

There is soooooo much real estate taken up by padding and GIANT buttons. I normally run OS and have a mac mini and a 13" laptop. I’m using bootcamp on the laptop to run windows so I can have Power BI locally. It’s a learning curve for sure.

Moving forward I’m going to have to use a larger display or something. Customizing images is something I like doing, and I think it’s really fun how Power BI gives you the quick ability to highlight across multiple charts.

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Hello All, Congratulations @brucemcminn and Thanks for sharing
I’ve already finished that project too.
I’ve noticed something in your report you should have changed.
The year column is by default summed so you need to change it to ‘don’t summerize’ before using it

That’s mine, please feel free to give me a feedback
I’m not sure I should have created a new post or post here @info.victoromondi