Raw data ('loans_2007.csv') - missing?

Is there anywhere that I can download the raw data used in the guided project? It seems the website that the project is linked to has changed, and I can’t seem to find the raw data anywhere on the updated site.


Hi @rumpsmike and welcome to the community!

I’m sure there is a way to get the file you want but can you please provide a link to the Guided Project for more context?

Sorry about that! Yes I am referencing the csv file that is used in the Guided Project: Practice Optimizing DataFrames and Processing in Chunks. It is within the Data Engineering - Processing Large Datasets in Pandas.


Thanks, I managed to manually navigate my way there and found this link:


To download the file, simply click on Download at the top of the Jupyter Notebook window (it will download your entire project along with the files needed to run it…including loans_2007.csv).

Be advised, it will download the project as a compressed file which you will need to extract and then select the *.csv file.

Best of luck and happy learning!

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Very helpful, thank you so much! This worked for me!

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