Read a CSV file with API

Hi there. I’m trying to get data from: I’m working with Jupyter Notebook with this command code but takes forever (sand clock loading eternally) fema_individual_and_housaholds_programs = pd.read_csv(‘’)

What I’m I doing wrong?

How big file is? It may take longer if it is large file. You can download it by direct visiting -

Thank you @DishinGoyani. The problem with trying to download it directly is that the file has aprx. 4 million rows and excel/csv supports just one million. So this way (if I download it directly) I just get 25% of the data and I need the whole thing.

@DishinGoyani. Actually the file is 16 million rows. Check it out in the Full Data Section (Record Count)

@santamariaots this article may help (involves using dask instead).