Really struggling getting started and thinking about quitting. Feeling like a loser

Hey all, I just started python for data analyst and have been greatly struggling. I’ve learned a bit of tidyverse R which I enjoyed but switched over to Dataquest to learn python. I’ve gotten extremely frustrated just learning the basics and simply could not complete the first guided project. I often find myself just looking at the solution and feeling helpless. Greatly considering canceling my annual subscription as its quite a bit of money for me. I just don’t know if this is for me and I am greatly unsure how to properly learn and get the most out of dataquest. if someone could please have a constructive conversation with me, I would really appreciate it.


Hey, don’t give up. You have a whole year yet (I’m guessing you just bought the suscription), and it is natural to struggle a bit at first with concepts, and while it is not good to look at solutions (struggling might help your brain come up with solutions) I understand how frustrating it can be. What are the things that you find the most frustrating? Perhaps talking it out over here might help, not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace. Maybe all you need is a different outlook


@Leganalyst welcome to our community!

Please do not give up. Great things are achieved by those who persevere. If you are struggling with something, it means you are learning something new. You have moved out of your comfort zone, which is the first step to real personal development. I struggled with Python when I started and I also asked myself it this was for me too. But I continued studying. I am not at the level that I envisioned yet. Exactly why I will never give up.

So I am encouraging you to not give up. You can ask more questions here and we have many people willing to help. Learning programming has a compounding effect. I knew that I had learnt something after I completed 3 projects in 9 days. I thought I was wasting my time initially. Soon, you will realize that you have learned much. Do not beat yourself. You are just starting out. The course material was designed to bring out the best in you and make you learn.



Hi @Leganalyst:

I myself know what you mean because I also switched from DataCamp to Dataquest. DataCamp does alot of hand holding in my opinion (fill in the blanks style–except for certain modules), while Dataquest trains us to write code from scratch. In addition to the advice I have given here, see Dataquest as @monorienaghogho said:

and really taking the leap of faith. Often at this point in learning will it take a little longer to see the results, so do be patient with yourself. Take some breaks when you feel frustrated, or do something to take your mind of the problem. Thereafter, come back to and and who knows, you may get some inspiration about solving it.

Like I mentioned earlier, it takes time. I took about a year to fully grasp and master the basics so its okay and you are not alone. You can always come back to the community if you have doubts on a line of code or just to chat with us. Know that we have all been through that phase.

Referring back to the advice I gave someone in a similar situation as you, about to give up

Please refer to the links that I included in the article, which would benefit your studies.


Don’t give up. I, too, just joined recently and was struggling through the coding. It helps to go through the material a few more times when you are not sure. And do ask for help for better explanation in the community when you are stuck wrapping your head around some codes. The practice in coding certainly helps, and I do find myself getting a little better each day.

This is what I do when I’m stuck. Sometimes I just copy the code from the solutions and run them. Then I would make changes in these codes and find what’s the difference when I run them. Then you could see if your logic in your codes work. You will come to familiarise yourself with the error codes too and can debug more effectively. I’m still a long way off but seeing the codes work (even if it’s just the copied solutions) makes it a little more fun.

Hang in there!


Hey guys, I really appreciate all the comments. They really have helped and fixed my mindset. I’ve switched my course path to Data Analyst for R and have been enjoying it much more using the new mindset you all have given me. Please know your comments really helped me. paying for this service was a big step for me learning/financially wise. For now I’m going to complete the R track because I enjoy it a lot more. I’ll come back to python when I feel more ready. So, for now I hope more R classes are added!