Reason for replacing error with 1919 in power bi guided project

I am working on my second power BI guided project. In the instruction, I am asked to replace the Year column with 1919 . What is the reason or justification for replacing error with 1919

[Learn data science with Python and R projects](https://This is the link to the project instruction page)

I think the results make more sense if you change it to 1820. The dataset is missing info from that decade and all the other values are in 10 year increments.

Please let me know how it looks for you. :slight_smile:

please how can i find this file Power BI “Sample Project 1.pbix” so as to compare it with my solution

Here is the report for my version of this project. Is this what you are asking for? There isn’t an option to upload .pbix files here yet.

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Very helpful support. Thanks

I still feel that my visualization using stack bar chart is having tiny columns. I have tried to work on it but no changes. Please i need help to increase the thickness
PROJECT 2 Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time POWER BI.pdf (134.9 KB)
of my column.

I remember having to figure this out, it took a while. Hmmmm.

It might change once you put the missing data into 1820, that had something to do with it for sure. I’ll try to find time tomorrow to replicate this and get back to you, but see if that helps. :slight_smile: