Recovering progress - Jupyter Notebook

Hi Everyone,

I am up to slide 5 in the “Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets” guided project, and my jupyter notebook has been wiped, meaning I have lost all of the work I put into the project so far. Is there any way I can recover the latest version of my project (before it was wiped)?

If anyone knows why the project wasn’t saved this time (I worked on it over multiple days and never had the issue, not sure what I have done differently today), an explanation would also be appreciated so I can ensure I don’t have the same issues moving forward.

Thank you!

hey @Jac

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I am not sure how much of it will be helpful to you in this case. Please follow this posts, let’s hope you are able to recover all or some of it :crossed_fingers:

try for recovery

For future Ref

similar scenario

Thank you @Rucha - this is very helpful.

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