Recreating the Hacker News project with pandas, numpy and matplotlib

Hi everyone!

The Hacker News guided project is the second one in the Python Data Analyst/Scientist paths and I think it is very interesting.

However, by the time we work in this project we have not been introduced to the powerful python libraries yet and all we use are lists, loops and some functions we create.

So, once I kept moving foward in my path, I decided to recreate this project using pandas, numpy and matplotlib. The libraries make the project much more straight foward and easier to write and to understand. It is also easier to take insights from it.

You can see it by clicking here.

So what do you think?

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Hi Otavio. I’ve been meaning to go back to this project with Pandas as well, but never got around to it. I used Pandas with the App Store project and it was a lot of fun. It definitely made me appreciate everything these libraries had to offer!

It was really refreshing to see this with visualizations. I think you did a great job (and I liked the color choices too). Thank you for sharing this with us!

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Thanks @april.g!

I did with the App Store project too.

I think that working on this projects with no libraries and then going back to them using the libraries just show us how powerful they can be!


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