Recursion: Suggested Solution is not good

The suggested solution is incorrect.

def search(strings, term, index=0):
    if strings[0] == term:
        return index
    if len(strings) <= 1:
        return -1
    return search(strings[1:], term, index=index+1)

It can easily be broken with the following example:

search_list = ['apple', 'orange', 'pear', 'fig', 'passionfruit']
apple_index = search(search_list, 'apple', index=100)

It will happily return 100, which is incorrect.

I’d suggest this solution:

def search(s, term, index=0):
    index = max(index, 0)
    if len(s) <= index :
        return -1
    if s[index] == term:
        return index
    index += 1
    return search(s, term, index)
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