Redoing Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News

Okay so after learning more about pandas and matplotlib and how to use visualizations I decided to redo this project just for fun and I AM SIMPLY AMAZED of how magical the Pandas library is.

Thank you so much Dataquest for this amazing teaching experience!

Exploring Hacker News posts.ipynb (102.9 KB)

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Hi @YoussefAlaaEtman
What a wonderful project! on Exploring Hacker News with the help of pandas and matplotlib. I admired like all the steps you have worked on, your introduction is so informing, the use of comments , the explanations are well worked on an well presented. I love the way you have applied regex to check the titles that contain the Ask HN and Show HN., the extraction you did in cell[5], is also wonderful , thumbs up for the good work. The visualization process is well displayed and I like the listing you have done in the conclusion , those findings are so recommendable. Having said that, have got a suggestion to put across;

  • In cell[11] you could have applied the reset_index() to the dataframe (df_mean), to avoid creation of ‘type’ as a new object but instead add it as column , same applies to cell[18]

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and just congratulating you for the nice presentation.

Happy learning!


Thank you so much @brayanopiyo18 for the motivating feedback!
Also thanks for the suggestion ! I actually didn’t know that this was possible to do after using the .groupby() method, This makes indexing so much easier.

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Thanks as well for considering my suggestion helpful, Happy codding!

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