Release Notes | 7/2/2020

Welcome to the weekly addition of DQ Release Notes! Each week, we’ll add notes here in this category so you can see what’s new a DQ, what’s changed, and what we’re working on.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be publishing our Release Notes here starting this week!

:mag:Added search to our Content Directory


:necktie:Launched public-facing Business page for teams

:spiral_notepad:Blog Post: What Do You Really Need to Learn for Data Science? It Depends

:spiral_notepad:Blog Post: 15 Python Libraries for Data Science

:spiral_notepad:Blog Post: Python for beginners: Why Does Python Look the Way It Does

Other Improvements

  • Incorporate a more friendly error message when previewing binary db files in SQL missions
  • Improved mission experience on mobile devices to make it easier to learn on the go
  • Update SQL Fundamentals course to be more language agnostic
  • Improved navigation for students who complete a mission, leave, and resume