Remote jobs - how difficult to land one?


I’m a freelancer, working remotely since 8+ years and recently started getting into python and shortly after into data science. I enjoy the structure of DQ and find the user stories encouraging, but all those people seem to have landed on-site jobs.

Considering that work and especially tech-related position get more and more remote I was a surprised to see that. So I wanted to ask if that is a coincidence or is with DS jobs the on-site factor stronger?

While I would consider relocation, for me it would mean changing countries, with a family in tow… And for an entry position this just doesn’t make sense.

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Hi qq,

Here is something you can try to find out more: I don’t really see entry jobs there though.
I haven’t done any contracted remote work, but i would assume it is more difficult for DS to be offsite because of data privacy issues.

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I see, that makes sense.
I’ll try to apply down the road and see how it goes.